The Wound That Will Not Heal

It has been eight months since the presidential election, nearly six months since the inauguration and almost two months since I published my post entitled Enoughbut I still wake each morning with emotions ranging from disbelief to disgust to horror.  I shared in that earlier post that my psychological dyspepsia is not purely in response to the rejection of my liberal views by the majority of (electoral college) voters.  It is largely a reaction to the clear and tabulated fact that nearly half of those who voted in the 2016 election knowingly cast their ballot for the human being least capable of being president and that the “winner” continues to demonstrate his ineptitude on a daily basis.  Depending on the day, it is difficult to know if he is channeling Nora Desmond or Ron Burgundy, but all of the days are painful and frightening.

As stated elsewhere in this weblog, Potus is not merely a threat to progressive ideals, he is a threat to the homeland and to the planet.  I know some would argue that we shouldn’t fear his effectiveness, given his inability to focus on anything other than his boyfriend Vladimir Putin and his constant display of hatred toward any media outlet other than Fox News.  Even when he is caught attempting to further the conservative agenda, he often thwarts those efforts by either forgetting which position he is supposed to take (Trump Abandons AHCA), or by completely ignoring his role and instead taking to Twitter to degrade folk who criticize him, which he does with particular zeal if they are women (Attacks on Morning Joe hosts).

Of course, Congress and his White House entourage are more than able to inflict damage while he is sidetracked, but the real threats emanate from the man himself.  The hazards include his ally-enraging reduction of global politics to “The Art of the Deal”, boasting that only agreements which seemingly leave America (read: Potus), on top are acceptable (Withdrawal from Paris Climate Accord and Behavior at Nato National Embarrassment).  There is also his very clear intent to do absolutely nothing with regard to foreign interference in our democracy, as demonstrated by his firing of FBI Director James Comey and his reluctance to keep existing or to add new sanctions against Russia for election meddling (though we must stay tuned to learn his actual motivations for those actions).

While I am unable to include the full name due to my unwillingness to further promote the “Marketer-in-Chief”, there is a Twitter feed called “***** Regrets” (I think my readers can figure out what the asterisks stand for), which purports to follow Potus’ twitter account and then retweet messages sent from his former supporters now expressing their buyer’s remorse.  A random sampling of contributors and their historic tweets certainly suggests that they really may have voted for the man.  The messages contained there, however, are exactly the type of messages that all cognizant citizens—whether they are guilty of placing him in office or not—need to be sending.

As real facts continue to unfold, it is entirely possible that the current “threat to democracy” could be impeached (and/or possibly jailed), but failing that, I still believe that if his electoral “Neilsen Ratings” continue to fall and remain low, the narcissist will concede and return to the business of swindling both real estate investors and building contractors.  I also still believe that those conservative voters who helped create this disaster should not fear that their repudiation of this president will compromise their conservative goals.  Again, the reins will fall to Mike Pence, and though it appears that the “Christian, Conservative and Republican…in that order” may turn out to be one of the most prolific liars of all time (All False Statements…Enabling a Dangerous President, and What Did Mike Pence Know?), his political mission is unambiguous and voters on the right have already proven that veracity is not a required virtue for their leaders.

It is evident, even to some errant voters, that a terrible wrong has been committed, a dangerous force unleashed and a severe wound inflicted…a wound that if not cauterized could be terminal.  Keep resisting bad legislation, but also let your representatives (whether of your political stripe or not), know your opinion of this president.  Remember that the way to an egomaniac’s heart is through his ego.  So tweet and email and march and shout your dissatisfaction while encouraging others to do the same.  You’ve nothing to lose by acting, and everything to lose by just wishing the hurt away.  Contrary to the proverb, time does not heal all wounds.


2 thoughts on “The Wound That Will Not Heal

  1. Amen and Amen! I vacillate on impeachment only because I fear Pence will do his best to create a theocracy. With the current POTUS in charge — something most of us never dreamed would happen — I now believe anything is possible! Not only should we continue to speak out against the current actions of Congress, we should make certain to vote the changes we want in 2018!
    Great post, Kevin.

  2. Very well written and thought provoking. Before reading this posting I was on the phone asking my Senator to vote no on this so called health bill. It continues to be difficult to stay positive but I am working at it in hopes that our country will survive all this. Keep posting, Kevin–your voice is being heard.

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