Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Pete!

While I attempt to stay abreast of important political facts and folk, I am ashamed to admit that until this week I was completely unaware of an individual who could potentially be the next elected president.  I am sure that some of my readers are already familiar with Pete Buttigieg, but for those of you who are not, I strongly urge you begin your research by viewing the sit-down he completed with Charlie Rose (South Bend Mayor).  The clip is just shy of 26 minutes, but the piece is fascinating and enlightening, so if not today, please take the time at some point to watch it in its entirety.

Many Americans are still suffering from campaign fatigue brought on by the two-plus-year experience that just ended last November.  But most Americans are sad, distraught and extremely dissatisfied with the status quo and are very anxious for possible remedies.  I believe there is enough righteous anger in the land to insure an ideological turnover in both the House and the Senate in 2018 (if the impacted parties will actually go to the polls).  Such a move would at least enable progressives to more effectively resist the destructive actions of the current POTUS and his White House minion until they can be replaced.  I can’t help, however, looking beyond the mid-terms, desperately searching the horizon for both successful liberal messaging and the candidate who can act as the optimal standard-bearer.

Mayor Buttigieg appears, at least, to have the intellect, the pedigree and the poise necessary to not only unite the fractured left, but also attract independents and maybe a few rational Republicans.  Pete is white, so could be more palatable to some of the conservatives still trying to get the stains out of their underwear that resulted from the two-time election of a black president.  The Mayor is not a women, which would be in keeping with the Right’s biblical belief that vaginas and power don’t mix.  In further accommodation of the anti-vagina philosophy, Pete is a gay man.  Hmm…could the majority of voters be ready for a gay leader four Novembers from now?  Well, he got elected mayor of an ailing industrial city in the state that gave us Mike Pence.  And if we’ve learned nothing else in the last six months, I hope we have grasped that ANYTHING is possible.

Pete Buttigieg may, of course, be too good to be true.  His closet (not the one he’s now out of), could be overflowing with ugly skeletons or he might be the shrewdest serial killer on the planet.  I recommend that we risk experiencing total burn-out by 2020 and start the vetting now.  Once he and any other potential contenders garner serious national attention, we can rest assured that the “journalist” at Fox News will uncover any failings—real or imagined.  It is also possible that he doesn’t want the job.  Regardless, I believe he is definitely one to watch.


4 thoughts on “Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Pete!

  1. Well, I will certainly Google Mr. Buttigieg for information as he sounds as if he might be a very interesting candidate for 2020 (although it’s extremely difficult for me to see why anyone mentally sound would want the job). However almost anyone would be a huge improvement over the current individual, and being of sound mind doesn’t seem to be part of the job description. Thanks for the posting.

  2. WOW!! I also just Googled him and am most impressed. I get really excited about this guy. I hope he is interested in making a run for the White House in 2020. I think he could be the new blood the Democratic Party needs or he could even run as an Independent.

  3. Ahh, Kevin, your acerbic comments on the Conservatives, and especially the “Biblical” Right, had me giggling. One has to laugh, as the seriousness of their views would bring us to tears otherwise. They have entirely too much influence in our current government. I know nothing about Mr. Buttigieg, but will watch the interview with Charlie Rose. (My hero).. As we are on the same page, I’m pretty sure your opinion of him is right on target! We certainly do need a huge change after suffering the current Commander in Chief.

  4. Such a good reminder for us to be looking to the future and having a plan to change POTUS in 2020. I look forward to watching the interview when I have a free moment. Thanks for your insightful, smart commentary and posts.

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