Repeal and Replace the President

My stated goal for this weblog was to “elevate the political discourse…based on actual facts, and…keep hyperbole and name calling to a minimum”.  With a couple of name calling exceptions, I believe I’ve adhered to those objectives, however…

I and at least 65,844,609 other Americans have had enough!  I personally have tried to understand—even perpetuated excuses for—the 62,979,636 ignorant and/or selfish voters that put an egomaniacal, racist, misogynistic individual in the most powerful position on the planet.  I thought by employing empathy (or even sympathy), I could better understand what caused some of my friends, family or complete strangers to intentionally bestow power on this brute, thereby being better equipped to address their issues.  I was wrong.

Conservatives may not understand why so many liberal Americans were paralyzed for weeks after the election.  It wasn’t that our political agenda had been thwarted, that the Affordable Care Act might be in jeopardy or that isolationism might be in vogue again.  Our ideas have been rebuffed at the polls before.  The reason we were in shock was the realization that voters had chosen as the leader someone whose incompetent and dangerous behavior had been fully documented.  Liberals went to bed on November 8th knowing that we had friends and neighbors who disagreed with us on tax policy, immigration and states rights.  But we woke-up on November 9th to find that many of those friends and neighbors had ingested some Apprentice-flavored Kool-Aid and were willing to play Russian Roulette (pun intended) with our nation and our planet.

The jester now occupying the White House had succeeded in seducing many Americans with either his unsubstantiated “Greatest Show on Earth” promises of material wealth or his “I’ll keep those bad Mexicans and Muslims away from you” wall-building and anti-refugee rhetoric and in spite of his “can you find my principles?” shell game.  He also reaped the benefits of some liberal voters who decided to throw a political tantrum.  In the end, he secured enough votes to claim victory in the Electoral College, which is all he needed.

From research, personal conversations and witnessing “man on the street” interviews since the election, I think I have identified the primary groups responsible for sending the snake oil salesman from Queens all the way to Washington, though these categories may surely overlap.

  • There were the disenfranchised conservatives and some blue-collar Democrats who culled the guy from the rest of the Republican herd (remember, there were originally 17 options in the primaries), because he’s the one who “tells it like it is” or “says what he thinks” or “will shake things-up”.  I have to choke back my own vomit every time I hear those rationales.  He says the first thing that comes to his underdeveloped mind, sometimes it’s the truth, sometimes it’s not, and sometimes he reverses himself the next day (80 Times Trump Talked About Putin), but there is no evidence that he thinks about anything before speaking.  We have all let something slip from our lips before we completely process a thought, though it’s usually at a bar after we’ve had a few and we hopefully learn from the mistake.  And history is replete with slick politicians who only deliver well-crafted but meaningless dribble.  The President of the United States, however, needs to be measured in both thought and word before ever communicating in any way. Words matter, and words coming from the leader of the free world impact countries, fortunes and individual lives—not just the quality of their lives, but their very existence.  The  current White House resident exhibited diarrhea-of-the-mouth each day of the campaign and continues to do so.  Whether it’s because he is incapable of intelligent discourse or just wants to hear the cheers of a gullible crowd, it is horrifying and dangerous.  As for “shaking things-up”, the government of the United States of America is not some Parent Teacher Association chapter with a candidate promising to use cloth napkins instead of paper at the next fund-raiser.  How dare you?
  • There were Christians.  Since it is a long-established truth that “only Republicans are God-fearing citizens”, it should not have come as a surprise how they voted in 2016.  Exit polls revealed that 58% of protestants and 52% of Catholics who bothered to vote cast their ballot for the Republican choice.  I’m someone who knows his way around the Bible, but I have been unable to find the New Testament passage that condones famous men grabbing women by the pussy.  Nor have I been able to identify the parable illustrating that all Muslims are latent murders.  Equally difficult to locate are any of the stories about Jesus healing the disabled only after he mocked them in public.  So Christians who voted for Lucifer, I guess you had economic or different social issues that outweighed your candidate’s known “short-comings” and hopefully you can explain to your god why they were more important.
  • Although I was reluctant to believe that such a voting block existed, it turns out that the current chief executive received help from some disappointed Bernie Sanders supporters.  Apparently they believed that universal health care or income equality could best be achieved not only by with-holding their vote from the Democratic candidate, but by actually giving it to a corporate deity.  The testimonies from this group reveal that they basically voted to show their complete dissatisfaction with the Democratic National Committee as well as many Democratic voters.  You certainly showed us.  Well played!
  • Lastly, there are the folk who proudly proclaimed that they would vote for ANYONE other than “her”.  You have clearly demonstrated that your country is very important to you and that you fully comprehend the importance of the right to vote.

So what now?  The offenders can’t take their votes back.  Impeachment is just a reprimand from the House of Representatives which then allows the Senate to have a trial to determine removal from office and can take forever.  And while Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has finally decided to buck his boss (POTUS toady, Jeff Sessions), and name a special counsel to continue the Flynn/Campaign/Russia investigation, there are still too few Republican representatives or senators openly acknowledging that anything is wrong, so…

Normally I would never suggest that name calling and personal denigration could achieve anything positive, but nearly half of the voters in this country have helped create a situation that is anything but normal.  It is not normal to have a government controlled by an attention-craving man-child suffering from serious daddy issues for whom positive television ratings, twitter likes and cheering crowds act as an opioid.

I believe the quickest and most efficient way to end this national nightmare is to get the man to voluntarily step-down, which will only happen if those who got us into this mess will stop liking his tweets, stop attending his Hitler-like rallies and start calling their other elected officials to let them know of their dissatisfaction with this president.  If people will just stop stroking this maniac, I believe he will pull-up his pants and go home.

I know that most of the followers of this blog have not supported this president and have never been guilty of feeding his ego in any way, but you know people who have.  If you agree with this post, even in part, please forward it to those you know who put us all in harm’s way or link it to your social media sites.  The folk most capable of undoing this thing are the ones who started it.  To be clear, this is not about ideology.  I’m not asking conservatives to sacrifice their political victories.  If POTUS leaves, his position will automatically be filled with one of the staunchest Republicans in the land, Vice President Mike Pence along with the House and Senate will still be controlled by the Republican party.  While Vice President Pence and I share very few ideals, I do not doubt that he is intelligent enough to steer the ship for a while, at least well enough to keep it from running aground.  We can discuss policies and politics during the next election cycle.  What we have to do now is save the Republic.

3 thoughts on “ENOUGH!

  1. Hear!! Hear!! A very well written posting expressing the dangers we are currently facing from the current leader of the free world. Like you, I think when the adoration ceases he really will quit and go back to his shallow home world. Please God, make it so. Thank you for stating quite eloquently what I feel every day upon awakening.

  2. I’m not sure if you subtlely touched on what I think was a major deciding factor in the debacle of the century, so I’ll throw in my two cents. This was by no means something restricted to red-neck southerners, obviously, but a gut wrenching reminder of how far we still have to go in the ‘good ol United States’. A great deal of voters simply thought, “We’ll show you, you tree hugging commie liberals, last time we f’d up and let you put a black guy in the White House, but this time we’re sure as all hell not going to let you put a ‘hysterically inclined’ WOMAN. We’ll show you!” And sadly, they did.
    This particular voting bloc would have voted for ANYONE other than Hillary Clinton if given the choice. The Republican Party simply fell asleep at the wheel and when they woke up they were already over the cliff.
    Insanity reigns and a fool has appointed himself ‘King of Hearts’.

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