Call To Action

This page is dedicated to current or on-going issues that require citizen involvement including voting, contacting an elected official(s), joining a rally or contributing to a campaign.  Check back often and take the appropriate action(s) on any issue for which you feel compelled.  If you find issues you think I should know about, or if you see that I have failed to remove an issue that has been resolved, feel free to use the “Contact Me” page.

You will find links that will allow you to easily identify elected U.S. officials and other resource information by clicking here.

Many current and former political staffers indicate that the most effective forms of communication with elected officials are (in order):

  • Personal Visits
  • Phone calls
  • Mailed letters (handwritten or typed), and
  • Emails

As a reminder, please do not contact elected officials unless you are both registered to vote and exercise that right regularly.

Issue:  Amend the 12th Amendment to eliminate the Electoral College.  

Issue:  Help Jon Ossoff win the congressional seat for Georgia’s 6th District (as always, do your research first, which you can begin at  While close (51.9 to 48.1), Democrats will still not represent that district.

The following are U.S. House bills in various stages of progress.  The links I’ve included for each point to the site that will both explain the bill and indicate its status.  You DO NOT have to wait for a bill to reach the Senate to let your Senators know how you feel about it.

Issue:  H.R. 1628 to Repeal and “Replace” the Affordable Care Act (Already passed by the House, but your Senators need to hear from you) H.R. 1628

Issue:  H.R. 861 Eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency H.R. 861

Issue:  H.R. 610 Use Vouchers to Federally Fund Education H.R. 610

Issue:  H.R. 899 Eliminate the Department of Education H.R. 899

Issue:  H.R. 354 Defund Planned Parenthood H.R. 354

Issue:  H.R. 83 Withholding Federal Funds from Sanctuary Cities H.R. 83

Issue:  H.R. 1697 and Senate bill 720 Amending existing acts to:  1. Include the United Nations in the list of organizations whose boycotts of Israel which cannot be honored, and 2.  Broaden the scope of who can be prosecuted for participating as well as the punishment H.R. 1697 and S 720