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This posting is to let my readers know that I will be taking an indeterminate break from this weblog.  I’ve discovered that my stated goal of dealing only in facts without hyperbole isn’t as easy as it sounded.  And I am aware that I haven’t always achieved that goal, but I’ve enjoyed trying to adhere to it thus far.

I am not pausing my weblog efforts because it’s hard, however, or because I don’t think it has value, but because I am simultaneously attempting to write a novel that is completely unrelated to politics.   Those who know me know my stance on multitasking: if focused on more than one task, none of the tasks are getting your full attention.  I also think many writers might agree that the world offers no shortage of diversions to prevent attacking the blank page.  I’m sure there are some folk out there more dexterous and disciplined than I, but I know my own limitations, and rather than shortchange the readers of this weblog or further neglect my book, I’m opting to temporarily suspend The Admitted Liberal.

I can’t provide the definitive duration of the hiatus, though if in the meantime an outrageously heinous or absolutely wonderful political event occurs, I definitely reserve the right to interrupt my radio silence with an interim post.  As an FYI, those subscribers who remain subscribers do not need to randomly check this site for new content as any new post would still auto-generate an email to you.

I appreciate all of the support and the comments I’ve received, both public and private, and I look forward to sharing my opinions again soon.  Until then I encourage everyone to remain vigilant and engaged.

Thank you!

5 thoughts on “Blog Break

  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and opinions. I am certain that we will be hearing from you sooner than later. Hopefully for something great. (Maybe you can slip Sue and myself a few pages of the new novel to take a sneak-peek.)

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