A Tale of Two Baskets

At an LGBT for Hillary fundraiser on Sept 9, 2016, candidate Clinton made a “grossly generalist” comment indicating that you could put half of <POTUS’s> supporters in a (Basket of Deplorables), listing them as either racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic or Islamaphobic.  She went on to say that the other (half) basket contained folk who just felt that the economy and the government had let them down and felt uncared for.

I, like many Hillary supporters, cringed the next day when the clip of that comment was replayed a hundred times.  I didn’t cringe because she had said anything that wasn’t absolutely true.  I cringed because one of the shrewdest politicians around had made the mistake of attacking voters instead of their candidate—a political no no.  Experts disagree whether it cost her votes or not, though most agree that it probably didn’t deprive her opponent of any.  She later apologized, but only for having gotten the percentages wrong.

I’ve watched the crumbling political situation and hoped (with less and less optimism), that the 62 million-plus citizens that voted for POTUS would see that they were duped, acknowledge their error, voice their dissatisfaction and work to end his reign.  I’ve hoped that of the two baskets, the one containing the deplorables would turn out to be significantly smaller that the basket of the disillusioned.  But let’s examine what has taken place since Hillary’s pronouncement.

Hillary made her declaration before the Washington Post ran their story in October revealing the Entertainment Tonight tape, yet POTUS still won in the electoral college.

Since having become president, POTUS proposed (and has now partially implemented), a travel ban to exclude the issuance of visas to anyone from one of six predominantly Muslim countries or to any refugee.  After the most recent act of terrorism in Barcelona, the president repeated a fully debunked tale indicating that General Pershing eradicated muslim terrorism in the Philippines for decades by murdering all-but-one of 50 offenders while simultaneously violating their dietary restrictions with the murder weapons (a silly but still insulting and inciting claim).

In July POTUS had his administration show his true feelings for the LGBT community in three separate actions completed on the same day.  They included: arguing in court that the sex protections provided by the Civil Rights Act of 1964 do not apply to orientation, nominating gay-hater Sam Brownback as the new Religious Freedom Ambassador and tweeting that transgender people will no longer be allowed to serve in the military ( 3 Punches Against Gay Rights).

Following the tragic events in Charlottesville, Virginia, our Dear Leader appeared to give himself a hernia while attempting to denounce nazis and the KKK.

I freely admit that one can support, can like, can even love another person without agreeing with everything they believe.  We would not be able to sustain even the most basic human relationships if it were otherwise.  And I think we can all agree to disagree on things like economic policy, gun control or the best way to protect the environment. But there are some beliefs that are anathema to what America stands for and so contrary to what decent folk respect and treasure that they can only be considered poisonous and incompatible with anything good.  Regardless how many times Fox News may say that “no lines have really been crossed”, multiple lines have been repeatedly crossed.  No matter why one originally supported a leader, if one continues to support them knowing that they hold reprehensible beliefs then we must conclude that they share those beliefs.

If you support a racist in order to get tax reform, you are a racist.  If you have irrefutable evidence that someone is chronically misogynistic but you choose them because you like the Supreme Court justice they will nominate, you are a misogynist.  And for those who don’t believe there is anything wrong with being a racist or a misogynist (or a homophobe or Islamaphobe), then admit it, stand up and be proudly counted.  Why add hypocrisy to the list of your failings?  If you are not any of those things then stop propping this guy up.

I don’t claim to know what POTUS actually believes or doesn’t believe as he lies with alacrity.  I do know, however, that regardless of ideology, this man will do anything to be adored, and as of last Sunday, 37% of all Americans queried (and 79% of Republicans), still approve of him after all he has said and done (Gallup Poll Through Aug 20).  So do the “basket math”.  POTUS may be the most optic problem in the nation right now, but the real problem is the number of our fellow Americans who have now proven that they are immoral.

When Hillary “apologized” for her statement and would only say that she’d assigned incorrect proportions, she didn’t indicate which fraction was in error.  I feel I can now confirm that the basket of deplorables was and is the much larger of the two.

2 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Baskets

  1. I have been repeatedly amazed at the people I know, and to some of whom I am related, who still fervently support this president. He daily states or tweets exactly who and what he is, totally immoral as defined by every religious and ethical concept we know. No one can now be in any doubt as to who and what he is. And yet these same people praise and defend him. We are truly living in the twilight zone.

  2. I’ve given this a lot of thought. I don’t think the polls accurately represent the voters and nonvoters in the last election. Not only do I feel that many, many progressive liberals who wanted Bernie Sanders as the Democratic candidate did not vote in the election because they didn’t like either candidate, but there must have been quite a few Republicans who did the same. Add those voters to the non-bigoted, non-racist, non-misogynistic, non-homophobic, non-Islamophobic, et al who voted for the current president, and are now extremely disillusioned with him and his administration — well, you can see where I’m going. There must be a huuuge (to quote someone) army of folks ready to go along with impeachment, and if not that, they will certainly vote in the mid-terms and the next presidential election. All is not lost!! Many have learned their lesson.
    Great posting, Kevin.

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